Network Installation and Administration

Backup and Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, Mass Bay Networks is there to get you back up and running.

Businesses understand disaster risks (fire, flood, theft, human error, etc.), but may not have the time or budget for a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution that takes weeks to install, costs thousands of dollars, and forces you to hire someone to oversee it all.

Mass Bay Networks Proactive: BDR saves you time and money with simple, secure and affordable backup solutions for company data, financial records, administrative materials and so much more. We provide a comprehensive IT disaster recovery plans for businesses.

IT Support Services

We provide responsive, professional, and complete IT departmental services, when and where you need us.

In today’s highly demanding and constantly changing IT environment, even companies with fully staffed IT departments can have difficulty keeping up with the workload. For smaller businesses, adding a dedicated IT staff is usually not a viable option.

In either of these scenarios, having access to fully managed IT services can provide a reliable and cost-effective solution. Mass Bay Networks is your source for the best managed IT support services.

Wide Range of Flexible Managed IT Services Available

E-mail Hosting and Management

Hosted e-mail services from Mass Bay Networks can simplify your efforts with a cloud-based solution for advanced e-mail security, hosting, replication, archiving and more, including easy Exchange integration.

We can provide a customized hosted email/management solution for companies of any size.

Proactive: E-mail Management and Hosting gives your organization a full arsenal of business communication security, management and hosting capabilities—everything you need for a robust, secure and legally compliant e-mail system.

Managed Network Services

Worry-free Proactive: Managed Network Services makes it easier than ever to understand, budget, and manage your IT needs—it’s like having your own virtual IT department.

Have you ever dreamed of having your own fully staffed IT department? For many SMB owners, having an on-site IT department just isn’t a viable option. We have the solution.

Managed Network Services can provide a practical alternative that can help your company meet its IT needs.

Mass Bay Networks Proactive: Managed Network Services (MNS) offers the best solution for companies that need comprehensive IT support