E-mail Hosting and Management

Hosted e-mail services from Landmark Business Services can simplify your efforts with a cloud-based solution for advanced e-mail security, hosting, replication, archiving and more, including easy Exchange integration.

We can provide a customized hosted email/management solution for companies of any size.

Proactive: E-mail Management and Hosting gives your organization a full arsenal of business communication security, management and hosting capabilities—everything you need for a robust, secure and legally compliant e-mail system.

Delivered via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Proactive: E-mail Management and Hosting can reduce or completely eliminate on-premise requirements / resources while simplifying the complexities of corporate e-mail. With our e-mail hosting solutions, you can select from a comprehensive range of à la carte options, or combine the benefits of e-mail security, archiving and continuity into a single, tightly integrated, cloud-based SaaS solution.

CloudFilter: Total E-mail Security

Core e-mail security service performs an array of tests on messages in the blink of an eye, and effectively blocks common e-mail server attacks. Quarantined e-mail is viewed via the web console or e-mail digest reports.

SafeSend: Enhanced Outbound

Protect the reputation of your organization by ensuring that you never send harmful or offensive e-mail to your contacts. Also gives you the ability to quarantine outbound spam and viruses and grants outbound policy control.

CloudMail: Secure Hosted E-mail

This hosted e-mail service gives you nearly all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange at a fraction of the cost. With features like 25 GB mailboxes, calendars, mobile syncing and tons more, you’ll have everything you need and then some.

XtraMail: E-mail Continuity

Stores a copy of each e-mail for 30 days on redundant, geographically dispersed systems. When your systems are down, users log into the web portal and continue to send and receive messages from their normal e-mail address.

SecureStore: E-mail Archiving

E-mail archiving, which features easy online search and send. A copy of all incoming, internal and outgoing e-mail messages (including attachments) are captured, replicated and stored in SAS 70 Type II data centers.

Exchange+: Complete E-mail

This e-mail hosting solution provides you with all the benefits you’d expect from Microsoft Exchange, but also adds the security and reliability of CloudFilter, SafeSend and SecureStore services to your e-mail arsenal, so you’re fully protected.

A comprehensive suite of cloud-delivered e-mail hosting solutions, Landmark Business Services Proactive: E-mail Management and Hosting provides à la carte or unified e-mail management and hosting options that help solve virtually all your e-mail challenges—reducing on-premise requirements, preventing downtime, fighting spam and viruses, and ensuring communication availability.